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Pune, 17th November 2023: In a distinguished gathering at PCDA (Army) Pune, the Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS) Probationers of the 2022 and 2023 batches currently undergoing their Induction Programme at the esteemed NADFM Pune visited PCDA(Army) Pune on November 17 2023 as part of a special office visit as they undergo various modules to equip for the challenges of being IDAS officers. The officers from the batches of 2022 and 2023, totaling 20 were welcomed in a grand event at the office’s Central Hall.

The visit to PCDA (Army) Pune office, a pivotal and significant office within the Defence Accounts Department, is an essential part of their Induction training. Out of 22 IDAS probationers of 2022-23 batches, 11 officers from the 2022 batch and 9 officers from the 2023 batch participated in the visit. (Two probationers were absent due their personal reasons). 

Officers from diverse regions with expertise in engineering, medical, commerce, arts and other fields were present. Some officers were experiencing their first official assignment, while others brought valuable experience from various sectors, contributing to the department’s benefit.

The event commenced with a traditional Deep Prajwalan, symbolizing the ignition of knowledge and enlightenment. Dr. Rajeev Chavan, IDAS, NDC, PCDA(Army) Pune was the Chief Guest of the event and Vikram Rajapure, IDAS, Senior Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts extended a warm welcome with a lovely floral bouquet.

During their visit, the officers gained practical experience by touring various important departmental offices, including the Defence Accounts Department’s significant Pune office.

Upon clearing the UPSC examination, officers joining the IDAS cadre undergo specialized Induction training at NADFM Pune. This training includes visits to various departmental offices to provide officers with firsthand experience crucial for their roles as representatives of the department’s future.

This visit is crucial for officers as it allows them to familiarize themselves with the department’s functioning and gain practical insights into their future roles as representatives of the Defence Accounts Department.

Anand Agarwal, Director, NDFMA, was the Guest of honour at the program and S R. Boid, IDAS, Senior Deputy Controller of Defence Accounts welcomed him with a bouquet. Also present were Mrs. Vaishali D Souza, IDAS, Assistant Controller, R.K. Bindru, IDAS, ACDA, M. Venkat Rao, IDAS, ACDA, Tushar Mehra, ACDA. Incharge PAO (ORs) BEG & Kirkee, along with other senior officers.

Anand Agarwal,IDAS, Director, NADFM expressed gratitude for the excellent welcome program and thanked Dr. Rajeev Chavan, IDAS, ndc, PCDA (A) Pune. He acknowledged the significant history of the Defence Accounts Department’s Pune organization, emphasizing its importance as a training ground for many IDAS officers over 275 years. He encouraged the officers under training to gather more information about the department, stressing the responsibility of the new generation in the organization’s future.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Rajeev Chavan, welcomed all the new officers in his Key note address. He praised their educational achievements and encouraged them to contribute effectively to the service. He expressed hope that they would utilize their capabilities to serve the department efficiently. 

The department is dynamic under their inspiring leadership, and under their capable guidance, the Defence Accounts Department will continue to evolve.

Providing a brief overview of the operational activities of the Pune organization of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Army) Pune, he stated that the organisation operates in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa and Gujarat through 106 offices serving the Indian Army. 

He highlighted the significance of PCDA(A) Pune, which plays a vital role in the department’s work, especially in the audit department. The offices in the Rajasthan region under PCDA(Army) Pune have recently been transferred to other PCDA(SWC) Jaipur since October 18th 2023. 

He mentioned that the Pune office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Southern Command) holds a special place as a training ground for numerous officers. Situated on 45% of India’s land and along the sensitive India-Pakistan border, this organization plays a crucial role. 

Dr.Chavan further mentioned that the office processes payments of approximately 1 lakh soldiers’ salaries and allowances through 8 Pay Accounts Offices (PAOs) with bills totaling around 36,000 crores being passed. This includes tasks such as income tax collection, financial advice, and disbursement of pay and allowances to defence civilians/JCO/PBORs, Jawans.

He also spoke about the military units under the jurisdiction of this organization, including command hospitals and educational institutions like the National Defence Academy (NDA), Military Institute of Technology (MILIT) and the College of Military Engineering (CME). Additionally, the organization provides assistance to soldiers during natural disasters, as seen in the recent relief efforts in Nagpur.

Emphasizing the importance of training, he stated that the training process is essential for the development and progress of any field. The Indian Government’s training process provides trainees with information about various industrial and advanced technologies (including IT). This helps in the development of diverse skills among trainees, enabling them to stay updated and contribute to the progress of their respective fields. 

Continuous training is crucial for personal and professional development, ensuring individuals stay current and contribute effectively to their work.

While concluding the program, he advised all the trainees to continue striving for the progress of the department and the country. He encouraged them to fulfill their duties with ethics, vigilance, and dedication, while also inspiring them to maintain their own well-being. 

Emphasizing the importance of completing the training with full dedication, he concluded his guiding address. Dr. Chavan extended best wishes to the newly recruited officers at the end of his speech.

Following this, a special talk show was organized in the training room at the office premises, where doubts and questions of the trainee officers were addressed. Photographs of all senior officers and trainee officers were taken to commemorate the occasion. After a midday meal, the trainee officers were taken on a tour of various sections of the entire office to familiarize them with government documents and procedures.

After a high-tea session, the trainee officers set off towards NADFM Pune. The program was smoothly conducted under the guidance of Suhana Arief, AAO and Kavita, Senior Hindi Translator.