IDFC Mutual Fund Launches New Investor Awareness Campaign ‘#BeTheBestYou’

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Pune, December, 2019: IDFC Mutual Fund announced the launch of its new investor awareness campaign, ‘#BeTheBestYou’ with focus on taking the narrative of mutual fund industry beyond the concept of ‘Investing to fulfil your goals’. IDFC Mutual Fund’s campaign focuses on the freedom provided by the knowledge that while you follow your passion, your money is working for you. It also highlights the choices you make will make you better when you no longer have the fear of not having enough money. This will also empower the person to go beyond fulfilling their duties but also be true to himself or herself.

Commissioned by IDFC Mutual Fund and conceptualised by the creative agency TBWA, the two digital videos target two different set of audience. The first video targets someone who has just entered into the workforce and is generally between 22-30 years old, highly social, self-involved, informed, carefree and a thrill seeker. The protagonist is a character who is highly aspirational to youth today. A character who is focused on finishing his work and pursuing his life outside work rather than putting up appearances of hard work to his boss and co-workers. The second video is targeted at someone who has already started a family, generally between 30 – 45 years of age, is family centric, an early intervention seeker and focused on giving their child the best education possible. It goes beyond the ‘wealth creation to educate your child abroad’ goal that the MF category asks clients to invest for. It shows parents who travel to London from India just because they want to be present for a day that is important for their daughter. The key takeaway from the video is that being there for your child’s happiness is what wealth should allow you to do.

Sharing the details of how the campaign was conceptualised, Gaurab Parija, Head – Sales & Marketing, IDFC AMC said that, “We used data analytics along with Google Insights data such as interests and video consumption behaviour to understand the psychographics and lifestyle choices of our target audience. Armed with this data we were able to build upon the two unique personas of our target audience. Using demographics and interest based targeting, over the next one month, we will reach out to our target audience across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Kochi.”

IDFC Mutual Fund’s ‘#BeTheBestYou’ campaign positions mutual funds as a tool to help individuals live up to their full potential without the fear of missing out. The videos will play first on INOX theatres across the country.