In a relentless battle against COVID 19, Railways transports 1150 Tonnes of medical items during lockdown across the country

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New Delhi, 19th April 2020 – Indian Railways is ensuring seamless transportation of medical items on priority during the  nationwide lock down due to COVID-19. Indian Railways continues to deliver medicines, masks, hospital items and other medical commodities through its timetabled parcel services to strengthen Government’s efforts in managing the challenges and adverse impact of corona virus in the country.

As on 18.04.2020, Indian Railways has transported 1150 Tonnes medical items in various parts of the country. The zone wise details of transportation of medical goods are as under:

S. No. Zone Weight (Tonnes)
1 Southern Railway 83.13
2 South East Central Railway 15.10
3 East Central Railway 1.28
4 North Eastern Railway 2.88
5 East Coast Railway 1.06
6 South Central Railway 47.22
7 Central Railway 135.64
8 North Central Railway 74.32
9 West Central Railway 27.17
10 South Eastern Railway 2.82
11 South Western Railway 12.10
12 Eastern Railway 8.52
13 North East Frontier Railway 2.16
14 North Western Railway 8.22
15 Western Railway 328.84
16 Northern Railway 399.71
Total 1150.17 T

Indian Railways is touching human lives during the hour of crisis. Recently, for an autistic child, skimmed camel milk was transported by a Parcel Train from Ajmer to Mumbai when the parents resorted for help on social media platform. Similarly, another autistic child in Ajmer suffering from serious ailments, had his stock of medicines run out, his relatives approached Railway officials and medicines were transported by a parcel train from Ahmedabad to Ajmer.