In-house developed Sanitizing Tunnel at Bhusaval

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7 April 2020, Pune- Electric Loco Shed, Bhusaval, Central Railway has developed an in-house, Disinfection Tunnel to fight COVID19 in a time span of two days with a view to keep the employees protected who are still coming to shed even in these difficult times. It can disinfect a person fully from head to toe in a time span of just 3 seconds and the solution used is completely harmless. The total cost of the tunnel is approximately ₹15,000/- and can screen one person at a time.

The structure of disinfection tunnel is made by MS pipe with covered by Tarpaulin sheet. PVC piping and spray nozzles are provided to spray the solution. The size of the tunnel is 150cm × 150cm × 220cm. One set of three nozzles will spray as people walk for a duration of between three to five seconds inside the tunnel. Upon contact on surfaces, it is efficient enough to kill the virus. Staff is advised to raise their hands their palms facing front while entering the tunnel to ensure efficient disinfection.

The capacity of 500 liters, the disinfection tunnel will work uninterrupted for 16 hours, hence requiring refilling only once a day. To save the energy and water two-way switch is provided so person at the entry can switch on & at exit can switch off the spray.

The designing was headed by the Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer (TRS) Bhusaval Mr. Himanshu Ramdeo and was made under the supervision of Senior Section Engineer Mr. Mukesh Chaudhary. Electric Loco Shed, Bhusaval is developing more such sanitizing tunnels to fight against COVID19 in Bhusaval Division.