In house Production of masks and sanitizer on Central Railway

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MUMBAI, 3 April 2020

In the wake of pandemic COVID19, Central Railway is *producing* essential items *in house* like masks and sanitizer which can be utilized by health care workers and railway staff deployed in essential duty.

Workshops at Matunga and Parel have made 2,830 masks and 375 litres of sanitizer

Mumbai Division – 5,750 masks and 145 litres of sanitizer
Nagpur Division – 3,000 masks and 1,150 litres of sanitizer
Solapur Division – 3,000 masks and 240 litres of sanitizer
Pune division – 1,800 masks and 163 litres of sanitizer
Bhusaval Division – 6,200 masks and 620 litres of sanitizer

These were made by railway staff from commercial, RPF, operating and mechanical departments etc . It is worthwhile to mention that individual contribution is also included.