Independence Day: PM announces National Digital Health Mission, Health ID will have complete account of your health

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Sushant Ranjan

Pune, August 15, 2020: On the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the National Digital Health Mission will be implemented across the country. Under this scheme, every countryman will be given a health ID. The health ID given under this scheme will have a complete account of the health of every citizen.

The health of every citizen, doctor’s account will be operated through an app or website, but these records will be limited to the person. When one person gives permission to show his/her records only then the other doctor or person will be able to see all the information of that citizen.

The National Digital Health Mission will work on four pillars. Every citizen will be given a unique health ID and given the option of whether to link it to their AADHAR or not. These IDs would be suitable for use by states, hospitals, pathological labs and pharma companies. These IDs will work in a completely voluntary manner.

The information of the citizens enclosed with the ID will be stored in the government community cloud itself. This will be done with a view to securing data. In a way, it will work like a DigiLocker, in which all the necessary papers are stored in electronic format.

If a person wants to avail any kind of cash transfer scheme, only then he has to link his health ID to AADHAR card, and if not, then there is no need to link AADHAR card.


Through this platform, every doctor in the country will be given a unique identifier. This number will be different from the registration number. The registration number will be given by the National Medical Council to every doctor. The doctor will be given a digital signature, with the help of which the prescription will be written to the patients.

To make a digital signature in India, a fee has to be paid. However, neither the user nor the doctor has to pay for this service. Under this, there is a plan to collect the registration of doctors, which will vary from state to state.