Index Numbers of Wholesale Price in India for the month of July, 2020

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 Delhi, 14 Aug 2020: The Office of the Economic Adviser, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade is releasing index numbers of wholesale price in India for the month of July, 2020 (Provisional) and for the month of May, 2020 (Final). Provisional figures of Wholesale Price Index (WPI) are released on 14th of every month (or next working day) with a time lag of two weeks of the reference month. After 10 weeks, the index is finalized and final figures are released and then frozen thereafter.


The annual rate of inflation, based on monthly WPI, stood at (-0.58%) (Provisional) for the month of July, 2020 (over July,2019) as compared to (1.17%) in the corresponding period of the previous year.


WPI based Indices and Annual Rate of Inflation (%)*
All Commodities/Major Groups Weight (%) May-20 (F) June-20 (P) July-20 (P)
Index Inflation Index Inflation Index Inflation
  All Commodities 100 117.5 -3.37 119.3 -1.81 120.6 -0.58
         I. Primary Articles 22.6 137.3 -2.14 139.3 -1.21 143.7 0.63
        II. Fuel & Power 13.2 80.3 -23.08 88.3 -13.6 90.7 -9.84
III. Manufactured Products 64.2 118.2 -0.34 118.6 0.08 118.6 0.51
  WPI Food Index 24.4 146.7 2.73 148.6 3.05 152.0 4.32


Note: P: ProvisionalF: Final, * Annual Rate of Inflation calculated over corresponding month of last year.

The movement of the index for the various commodity groups is summarized below:-


PRIMARY ARTICLES (Weight 22.62%)

The index for this major group increased by (3.16%) to 143.7 (provisional) in July, 2020 from 139.3 (provisional) for the month of June, 2020. Prices of Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas (17.30%), Food Articles (3.41%) increased while Non Food Articles (-0.80%) and Minerals (-2.08%) groupsdecreased in July, 2020 as compared to June, 2020.

FUEL & POWER (Weight 13.15%)

The index for this major group increased by (2.72%) to 90.7 (provisional) in July 2020 from 88.3 (provisional) for the month of June, 2020. Prices of mineral oils group (13.20%) increased while prices of Coal (-0.08%) and Electricity (-11.33%) decrease as compared to June, 2020.


The index for this major group remained unchangedat its previous month level of 118.6. Out of the 22 NIC two-digit groups for Manufactured products, 11 groups that have witnessed increase in prices are manufacture of food products; beverages; leather and related products; wood and of products of wood and cork; chemicals and chemical products; basic metals; electrical equipment; machinery and equipment; motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers; other transport equipment; other manufacturing products. Whereas the 11 groups that witnessed decrease in prices are manufacture of tobacco products; textiles; wearing apparel; paper and paper products; printing and reproduction of recorded media;   pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemical and botanical products; rubber and plastics products; other non-metallic mineral products; fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment; computer, electronic and optical products; furniture in July, 2020 as compared to June, 2020.

WPI FOOD INDEX (Weight 24.38%)

The Food Index consisting of ‘Food Articles’ from Primary Articles group and ‘Food Product’ from Manufactured Products group have provisionally increased from 148.6in June, 2020 to 152.0in July, 2020. The annual rate of inflation based on WPI Food Index increased from 3.05% in June, 2020 to 4.32% inJuly, 2020.


For the month of May, 2020 the final Wholesale Price Index and inflation rate for ‘All Commodities’ (Base: 2011-12=100) stood at 117.5and WPI based rate of inflation stood at (-3.37%).


  1. The WPI for July, 2020 have been compiled at a response rate of 69 per cent, while the final figure for May, 2020 is based on the response rate of 86 per cent. These provisional figures of WPI will undergo revision as per the final revision policy of WPI.
  2. Price Data are collected from selected institutional sources and industrial establishments spread across the country online through web based portal maintained by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).