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By Jacob Abraham, PIB, deputy director, Chennai

Punekar News's photo.Handloom fabrics and handloom weavers form an integral part of the rich culture, heritage and tradition of India. Apart from providing one of the basic needs of human beings, along with a sizable contribution to GDP and export, this Industry provides direct and indirect employment to lakhs of people in the rural and urban areas. Handloom is one of the largest employment providers after agriculture in India. This sector provides employment to 43.31 lakh persons engaged on about 23.77 lakh handlooms, of which 10% are from scheduled castes,18%belong to the scheduled tribes, and 45% belong to other backward classes. Production in the handloom sector recorded a figure of 7116 million sq. meters in the year 2013-14. During 2014-15, production in the handloom sector is reported to be 3547 million sq. Meters (April-September-2014)
This sector contributes nearby 15% of the cloth production in the country and also contributes to the export earning of the country. Ninety five percent of the world’s hand woven fabric comes from India. It has been sustained by transferring skills from one generation to another. The strength of the sector lies in its uniqueness, flexibility of production, openness to innovations, adaptability to the suppliers’ requirement and the wealth of its tradition.
However, handloom industry needs to reorient itself for meeting the challenges being posed by rapid economic, social and technological changes. Efforts are required to produce defect free high quality handloom fabrics according to contemporary consumer preferences, and also to ensure reasonable wages so that younger generation opt for this occupation. With a view to promote this industry on a sustainable basis, it is deemed necessary to produce quality fabrics with new design for winning the trust and confidence of the consumers.
“India Handloom Brand” is an endorsement to quality of the handloom products in terms of raw material, processing, embellishments, weaving design and other parameters besides social and environmental compliances for earning the trust of the consumers. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the India Handloom Brand at Chennai recently as part of the First ever National Handloom Day celebrations. It seeks to ensure this by giving particular attention to the following:
· Production of high quality, defect free, hand-woven, authentic “niche product”
· Zero defect.
· Authentic traditional design.
· Zero impact on environment.
· Social compliance.
*Customer will be assured of the quality of the product as per specification
*Bulk buyers and exporters will be able to source quality fabrics as per his/her design produced in time and establish a distinct market positioning for authentic hand-woven fabrics of India.
*Weaver will be able to get bulk orders and higher wages by interacting directly with the market.
*Weaver entrepreneur (younger generation) will take up traditional profession of production of quality handloom fabrics in bulk and marketing within and outside the country.
*It will empower women and disadvantaged segments
Products identified for Branding
1) SARI:-
Cotton:Jamddani,Tangail,Shantipiri,Dhaniakhali,Bichitrapuri,Bomkai,Kotpad,Pochampalli,Venkatgiri,Uppada,Siddipet,Narayanpet,Mangalagiri,Chetinad,Balaramapuram,Kasergod,Kuthampally, Chendmangalam Dhoti
Silk:-Baluchari, Mugasilk, Sulkuch silk, Khandua, Berhampuri, Bomkai Silk, Benares Brocade,Tanchoi,Benarasi,Butidar,Jangla,BenarasiCutwork,Pochampally,Dharmavaram, Kanchipuram, ArniSilk, Molkalmuru, Paithani, Patola, Champasilk, Ashawali Silk, Salem Silk(Dhoti), Uppada, Jamdani
Cotton Silk Sari:- Chanderi, Maheswari, Kota Doria, IIKal, Gadwal, Covai Kora Cotton
Cotton: Odisha Ikat,Pochampalli Ikat
Silk :Tanchoi, Benarasi, Cutwork, ,Odisha Ikat, Pochampally Ikat, Tassar Fabric, Muga Fabric, Mekhala/ Chadar
Odisha Ikat, Pochampally Ikat
Kani Shawl, Kinnori Shawl, Kulu Shawl, Tangaliya Shawl, Kutch Shawl, Wangkhei Phee
The following entities will be eligible to apply for ‘India Handloom’ brand registration:
a. Genuine firms/institutions dealing with production of handloom fabrics including
a. Primary Handloom Cooperative Societies
b. Self-Help Groups (SHGs), Consortia, Producer companies, Joint Liability Groups (JLGs)
c. Weaver Entrepreneurs
b. Producers of garments and made-ups with the condition that they will use ‘lndia Handloom’ Branded fabric and also comply with additional quality parameters regarding stitching, standard sizes etc., as may be laid.down by the Development Commissioner for Handlooms.

Applications can be submitted at the Weavers Service Centers or Offices of Textile Committee in the prescribed format. Brand certificates along with the logo will be issued within 30 days after verifying the facts presented in the application. Fabric sample will be tested in accredited laboratory. Deficiencies if any will be conveyed within 30 days of filing the application. The branding will be normally valid for three years, subject to terms and conditions and will be renewed thereafter .After branding certificate is issued each item for sale will be affixed with logo and labels(stickers)
(Jacob Abraham, is the Deputy Director in Press Information Bureau (PIB), Chennai)

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