Indian Armed Forces quarantine to fight Coronavirus

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New Delhi, March 18, 2020: As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, India too is implementing several measures to contain the pandemic. Ministry of Defence (MoD) has deployed all its resources in the aid of civilian authorities. Indian Air Force (IAF) has evacuated hundreds of Indian nationals and many other people belonging to friendly countries like Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, US, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru from COVID-19 affected countries such as China, Japan, Italy, Iran, etc.

As a precautionary measure, these evacuated persons are being kept under quarantine for a period of fourteen days. Army, Navy and Air Force have set up quarantine facilities named Wellness Centres at various locations to provide credible response to COVID-19. These centres are supporting the nation’s fight against the novel Coronavirus. The operationalisation of these facilities demonstrates the commitment of the Tri-Services to the nation in handling multiple challenges.

These centres are fully equipped and functional facilities helping inmates to undertake the mandatory quarantine period under the supervision of skilled medical authorities. Soldiers have volunteered to provide care and support to our countrymen returning from overseas. There are four such facilities in operation at the moment, i.e., at Manesar and Jaisalmer, run by Army; at Mumbai, run by the Navy and at Hindon, run by Air Force.

These are working in total synergy with the civilian authorities to ensure proper care to all evacuated citizens. The affected are also being provided with facilities to be in touch with their loved ones. Prophylactic measures are also being taken to prevent the spread of the contagion. Awareness campaigns are being undertaken to educate the people about COVID-19. The coordinated efforts of the Armed Forces with the local administration are bound to succeed in fighting out the pandemic from India.

In addition, more quarantine facilities are being readied and may be made operational within 48-72 hours, if needed. These facilities are at Jodhpur (Army), Kolkata (Army), Chennai (Army), Visakhapatnam (Navy), Kochi (Navy), Dundigal near Hyderabad (IAF), Bengaluru (IAF), Kanpur (IAF), Jaisalmer (IAF), Jorhat (IAF) and Gorakhpur (IAF).

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Manesar (Army)


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Jaisalmer (IAF)


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Jodhpur (Army)


Kolkata (Army)


Chennai (Army)


Visakhapatnam (Navy)


Kochi (Navy)


Dundigal near Hyderabad (IAF)


Bengaluru (IAF)


Kanpur (IAF)


Gorakhpur (IAF)


Jorhat (IAF)