Indian Railways Allows Advance Booking up to 120 Days Before Journey


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New Delhi, 31 March 2024: In a recent update, Indian Railways has reiterated its policy on advance booking, offering passengers the convenience of securing their train tickets well in advance. Addressing the concerns of travelers, the railway authorities have shed light on the timeline for booking tickets, especially crucial during emergencies.

Passengers availing themselves of railway services can now book their tickets up to 120 days prior to their planned journey, as per information available on the official Indian Railways website. This strategic move aims to facilitate hassle-free travel experiences, ensuring travelers secure confirmed seats for their desired dates.

The advanced booking window of 120 days offers passengers ample time to plan their journeys and make necessary arrangements, enhancing the overall travel experience. This provision caters to the diverse needs of passengers, from individual commuters to families and groups, allowing them to manage their travel schedules effectively.

Moreover, for situations demanding last-minute travel arrangements, Indian Railways offers the Tatkal scheme, enabling passengers to book tickets up to one day before the scheduled departure of the train. This provision serves as a vital lifeline during emergencies, accommodating passengers’ urgent travel requirements.

The clarification regarding Tatkal bookings comes as a relief for many passengers who previously faced confusion regarding the timing and availability of such bookings. According to the official website of Indian Railways, passengers can indeed book Tatkal tickets a day before the train’s departure, providing them with flexibility and convenience.

It is worth noting that Tatkal bookings can be made up to a day before the train’s departure from the originating station. Passengers boarding trains from intermediate stations are advised to adhere to this guideline to ensure a seamless booking process and avoid any inconvenience.

In summary, Indian Railways’ provision of advance booking up to 120 days and Tatkal bookings a day before departure reflects its commitment to providing efficient and passenger-friendly services. These measures contribute to enhancing the overall travel experience for millions of railway passengers across the country.