Indian Railways convert coaches into isolation wards, ICUs for Covid-19 patients

Railways planned to convert non-AC coaches into isolation ward for Coronavirus patients.

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New Delhi, March 28, 2020: Given the increasing number of patients infected with COVID-19, the Railways have planned to convert the AC coaches of the train into ICU ward and sleeper coaches into isolation wards. Railways said that it can make three lakh such isolation coaches when needed.

Isolation coaches have been designed by the Indian Railways to fight the corona virus epidemic. The middle berth has been removed from one side to make them isolation ward for the patients. At the same time, all three berths have been removed from the front of the patient. Also all ladders have been removed. Bathrooms, corridor areas and other areas have also been modified to prepare isolation coaches. The number of Coronavirus positive cases has reached 873 today in the country.

Deepak Kumar, spokesperson for Northern Railway, said, “Railways have prepared a prototype of an isolation ward for the treatment of Coronavirus patients by converting non-air conditioned train coaches. Each railway zone will build a rack with 10 compartments every week after some suggestions are finalized in the next few days. Then we will make them available in rural areas or whatever areas need coaches.”

Seeing the situation of China, Italy and America, all the countries including India are making preparations at war level given increasing cases of Coronavirus. Nothing can be said about when the situation will get out of hand. In such a situation, governments are also preparing for the worst situation.

The number of patients infected with the Coronavirus in the US has crossed 100,000. There are hundreds of deaths every day in Italy. There, a severe shortage of ventilators and isolation wards is being felt. There is also news of shortage of medicines and medical equipment in America. In such a situation, the Indian government is making rapid preparations in the war against Corona. If the situation in India also worsens, there is no shortage of isolation wards and other things. However, India also does not think that Coronavirus will wreak havoc here, like Italy and America, given the preparations made in time.

Given the Coronavirus spread across the country, all passenger train services have been canceled till 14 April. In such a situation, the Indian Railways have converted the train coaches into isolation wards.