Indian Student Influx: Germany Welcomes Over 42,000 Scholars, A 25% Surge In Just One Year

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New Delhi, 12th August 2023: The German Ambassador to India, Philipp Ackermann, revealed that the number of Indian students studying in Germany has reached an impressive figure of over 42,000. This marks a substantial increase of 25% within just one year. Ackermann expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement, stating that India now holds the position of the largest group of foreign students in Germany, a development that has exceeded expectations. He further noted the reciprocal popularity between German and Indian students, as reported by professors.

To accommodate the rising demand from Indian students aspiring to study in Germany, the German Embassy’s Academic Evaluation Centre took steps to enhance the process. In April, they announced the replacement of paper-printed certificates with digital ones. This change aims to expedite processing times and simplify the application process for admission to various German universities.

Highlighting the collaboration between India and Germany, a comprehensive migration and mobility partnership agreement was signed in December of the previous year. This agreement facilitates the mutual movement of students, professionals, and researchers between the two countries. It also addresses concerns related to illegal migration. The agreement encompasses provisions that support mobility and employment opportunities, fostering the exchange of skills and talents. Notable inclusions are the establishment of an academic evaluation centre in New Delhi, an extension of residence permits for students by eighteen months, an annual allocation of three thousand jobseeker visas, the issuance of liberalized short-stay multiple entry visas, and the streamlining of readmission procedures.