India’s First 3D-Printed Post Office: A Technological Marvel Inaugurated By Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

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Bengaluru, India – August 18th, 2023: Marking a significant milestone, India’s trailblazing 3D-printed post office building in Bengaluru was officially unveiled by Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw this Friday. The 3D-printed post office, located in the city’s Cambridge Layout, encompasses an area of 1,021 square feet and is now operational after its inauguration, as confirmed by an official from the Department of Posts.

According to postal authorities, the construction of this innovative post office was undertaken by Larsen & Toubro Limited, a construction company, with technical guidance provided by IIT Madras.

After the inauguration, Vaishnaw, who oversees the portfolios of Railways, Communications, Electronics, and IT, remarked, “These times are characterized by a spirit of development, of technological advancement, and of achieving what was once deemed impossible.”

Describing the distinctive building, Vaishnaw detailed that this novel construction method employs 3D-concrete printing technology. This automated building construction technique involves a robotic printer depositing layers of concrete to the approved design. Special-grade concrete, which quickly solidifies to facilitate bonding between the layers, is used to create the structure.

Unlike conventional methods that typically take around six to eight months, the entire construction process was completed in just 45 days. The cost and time savings associated with 3D-concrete printing technology make it a practical and appealing alternative to traditional building practices.

The establishment of a 3D-printed concrete building directly at the construction site is a praiseworthy endeavour. This serves as a technology showcase, with remarkable contributions from IIT Madras. As this technology gains broader acceptance, we can anticipate more endeavours aimed at advancing its applications,” Vaishnaw commented to the press.

He also noted the unexpected strides India has made in technology, highlighting the nation’s development of its own 4G and 5G technologies, as well as the manufacture of intricate telecom equipment.