Insulin: A meticulous treatment for diabetes

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India, with one of the largest and most diverse populations of people living with diabetes, experiences significant barriers in successful diabetes care. Fear in appropriate and timely use of insulin impedes the achievement of good diabetes control.

As all of us know that the prevalence of diabetes is growing very day by day, which is adding the huge burden in our healthcare services, It’s very important to have a good understanding of the disease and it’s management. The basis behind any type of diabetes is there are abnormalities in one of the important hormones in the body, i.e. Insulin. For many people with diabetes the prospect of self-administering injections appears scary.

Almost each n every diabetic person, has abnormally acting insulin (which ranges from partial absence to complete absence of insulin action), which along with other additional mechanisms, make the problem worse. But, when we discuss with our diabetic patients and their relatives, there is a huge negativity, when it comes to INSULIN _as a treatment option.

Dr Pravishal Adling,(Consultant Diabetologist),Founder & Director Dr Adlings Diabetes Care Clinic said, “There are many negative perceptions about the use of insulin in diabetic patients. It is because they hear lots of negative things about use of insulin practically diabetes takes place due to lack of insulin in body. Through insulin therapy we inject insulin in body to control diabetes.” The biggest fear in insulin therapy is the use of needle which is common in every person. But the needles used in insulin therapy are comparatively very thin and injected in body fat so that the patients never feel pain.” He added

He further said that “Now days there are many new devices like insulin pump and fiber needles which are invented for the ease of diabetic patients. Diabetologist plays important role for psychological counseling with patients in insulin therapy. The team of doctors educates the patients about insulin and when the patient use the insulin practically the fear vanishes out.”

There is considerable evidence, which suggests that early initiation of insulin is associated with effective diabetes control and delay the onset of complications. So the proper awareness about use of insulin can control the increasing epidemic of diabetes.