IoTechWorld Launches a New Service Center in Pune

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Pune, 16 June 2023 : India’s leading Krishi-drone manufacturer, IoTechWorld Avigation Pvt. Ltd., has set sales target of more than 3,000 drones in the financial year 2023–24, which is 6-fold growth against last year’s 500. IoTech is currently present in states like Maharashtra and 8 other states and plans to expand its presence in newer geographies. IoTechWorld has recently opened a new service centre for Krishi -drone in Pune, Maharashtra. With more service centres, the company can respond to customers’ needs faster and reduce downtime for repairs or maintenance.

Mr Deepak Bhardwaj & Mr Anoop Upadhyay, Co-founder & Director say, “We are eyeing 6-fold growth this year, which we believe is very achievable considering the impetus and response the Krishi-drone is eliciting from various stakeholders. In-fact, several people have evinced interest to tap this Agri-tech space and we are evaluating their profiles.”

Mr. Anoop Upadhyay said “We have received overwhelming response for our Krishi -drones from farmers and people and organizations working in the agriculture space and we are more than confident of registering our target growth in the current financial year. The company remains committed to providing high-quality Krishi-drones and excellent customer service”

Mr. Deepak Bhardwaj said that IoTechWorld’s Krishi-drones’ rates are expected to reduce further with increase in sales and usage of more than 70 percent local components. IoTechWorld wants to implement nano fertilizers in India as combination of Nano fertilizers and Krishi-Drones will save Time, cost, soil quality and will give better results and yield to farmers.

In addition to it, the company has collaborated with universities and other institutions for Remote Pilot Training Organizations (RPTOs). RPTOs have an annual capacity to train 360 budding drone pilots per location annually and has helped train 400+ pilots to date.

AGRIBOT is India’s 1st drone to obtain DGCA Type Certificate. Last month the company had unveiled plans to expand its product line with a new type of Krishi-drone which has already been showcased in many forums.