iPads to Be Manufactured in India: Apple’s Major Plan Unveiled

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Pune, 8th July 2024: Apple is set to begin manufacturing iPads in India soon. The tech giant is actively seeking a local manufacturing partner, marking a significant shift from its previous plans with the Chinese firm BYD, which failed due to government approval issues. This move is part of Apple’s broader strategy to expand its production footprint in India over the next few years.

Previous Challenges

Initially, Apple had intended to partner with China’s BYD to manufacture iPads in India. However, the plan was hindered by the lack of government approval due to BYD’s complete Chinese ownership. A senior government official revealed to Moneycontrol that efforts are underway to advance Apple’s manufacturing plans in India.

Changing Scenario

The scenario has now changed significantly. The Indian government is making concerted efforts to support Apple’s expansion in the country over the next two to three years. Apple is expected to embark on several significant projects as part of this initiative.

Major Plans for India

A senior government official disclosed to Moneycontrol that the government aims for Apple to consider manufacturing laptops and desktops in India in the future. Apple has shared substantial plans for the next 2-3 years with the Indian government, indicating a strong commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the country.

iPhone Manufacturing in India

Apple has been assembling iPhones in India since 2017, with Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron (acquired by Tata) as its contract manufacturers. The company aims to produce approximately 25% of its total iPhones in India within the next 3-4 years. This expansion aligns with Apple’s strategy to diversify its manufacturing base and reduce dependency on any single country.

Apple’s decision to manufacture iPads in India represents a significant shift in its production strategy, driven by the changing geopolitical landscape and India’s growing importance as a manufacturing hub. The company’s future plans also suggest a broader commitment to enhancing its presence in the Indian market.