Isha Foundation Brings Yoga to Indore Jail, Enhancing Inmate Wellness

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Indore, 27th May 2024: The Isha Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by the renowned Indian yogi and mystic Sadhguru, is offering the ancient science of yoga to prisoners in Indore in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Jail authorities.

For the first time, the foundation is organising these programs at Indore Central Jail, with three day-long sessions held every month. Last week, 40 women inmates participated in these sessions, guided by Laxmi, an Ishanga (trained yoga teacher) from Isha. The program began last month with 40 male inmates learning yoga from Ronak, a trained Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher and Isha volunteer.

The sessions include a spiritual discourse by Sadhguru, simple practices of Isha Upa-Yoga, Yoga Namaskar, Nadi Shuddhi, and Shambhavi Mudra allowing inmates to enhance their physical, mental and emotional health.

“I had never heard of yoga like this. In 60 years, I never learnt something like this which I got to learn here. I did it as guided and I felt very happy and joyful,” shared an elderly female inmate.

The program is part of the Inmates Wellness Calendar announced earlier in the year by the Jail authorities of Madhya Pradesh.