IT companies refuse employees’ letters, parcel at office

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By Sanchita Garule

The post office located at Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in IT Hinjewadi, Pune, is facing a unique problem of returning thousands of postal couriers. Everyday thousands of letters, parcels are going undelivered.

Post Office

Reason – IT companies deny accepting their employees’ letters citing ‘security’ purpose.

The companies don’t permit the postman to enter the company premises or handover the parcel at the gate. Due to this reason the post office has no other option but to send back nearly 5-6 thousand letters, parcels.

The post office is facing problem of storing these letter, parcels as they are unable to store these letters for a week. As per rules, the post office has to wait for seven days before they can send back the letters or parcels.

Over five lakhs persons work at the companies located in the IT Park. The employees mention their office address as they remain most of the time there. However as the letters, parcels don’t carry the employee number/code, companies deny they work there. Then most of letters do not have mobile numbers on them. And where there phone numbers, they remain out of reach or employees can’t receive calls in office hours.

The companies suspect that the letters, parcels may contain suspicious objects.

Officials from Hinjewadi Industries Association (HIA), the umbrella body of companies located in the IT Park, said that it is not right for the employees to mention companies’ address on their personal letters.

“It’s not feasible for the company to take every employee’s responsibility. The employees are expected to cooperate”, said HIA president Anil Patwardhan.

D D Takawle, postmaster of Hinjewadi post office, said, “Many a times husband and wife work together in the same company. Hence they mention company’s address on their letters and parcels. Their mobile numbers are not reachable at times and so we cannot inform them about the letters. Around 5- 6 thousand letters are left undelivered on daily basis.”

Sanchita Garule
Sanchita Garule


Sanchita Garule is a student of environmental science at Fergusson College, Pune

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