Jumpstart Project To Support Those Who Lost Their Livelihood To Pandemic Sees Good Response

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Pune, 1st October 2021: Rotary Club of Pune Amanora and Spherule Foundation are jointly executing a project to revive those who have lost their livelihood due to pandemics. Spherule is a Pune based award winning NGO with many domestic and global initiatives and Rotary is a Global Services organization which provides humanitarian services across the world.

Some small businesses and vendors need support to restart their livelihood. Rotary and Spherule are helping small businesses like Hawkers, vegetable vendors, Grocery shops, Tea Stalls, Tailors, and many more.

There are many painful stories of the recipients who have managed to struggle through the crisis. They are in debt, and few of them have lost all their savings besides losing earnings members of their family due to COVID.

Story 1: Bhagwan, who is differently-abled, could not pursue his studies as he did not get a writer for his exams during covid as he cannot write due disability. He wanted to become army personnel, but destiny destroyed his dreams. He has set up a shop for selling ladies’ purses and bags, etc., with the support he received from NGOs.

Story 2: The story of Mahesh Damodar Otari is also painful. His business suffered during covid and the shop closed. He is old, and his son is differently-abled. The two NGOs helped him to jumpstart his shop again. Mahesh was moved by the kindness and support he received, and it was an emotional moment for the team.

Story 3: Ragini is a beautician, and Vaishali used to be a driver. They lost their business to COVID. Their family is also going through a tough time. With the support of NGOs, Ragini managed to establish her parlor, and Vaishali started her grocery and bakery shop.  

Story 4:Dhanashri Krushanarao Patil was struggling with her livelihood as she stayed alone. She has none to support her. Dhanashri lost her husband, who was in the army, and she has no kids. She is a diploma holder and had a stitching business that closed downloads. She received necessary materials, clothes and other items to jumpstart her business.

Story 5: Sunita Jadhav has none to support her. Her kids are studying in school, and she lost her livelihood and cooking business during the pandemic. Rotary and Spherule helped her to create a tea stall outside her house. She is a good cook and can further expand the business if she can sell more. 

 Representatives of both the NGOs are quite enthusiastic about the initiative. They revealed to our reporter that in the coming days they will be making it much broader and wider, and the team is launching the next phase on 18th October 2021 where they will support many more beneficiaries and it will continue across Pune and beyond.

Those interested can also be part of this initiative of reviving livelihood; domestic and international donors can contribute to the fundraiser in Milaap at https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-needy-people-who-lost-their-livelihood-during-covid.