Kalakari Film Festival Building Platform For Women Filmmakers 

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Mumbai, 14th September 2021: The debate about women in the film industry has been going on for a long time. This year, the Kalakari festival is taking a step towards recognising women behind the camera.


Kalakari film festival by Rishi Nikam aims to support female filmmakers in redefining the uncaptured cinema of the world.


The 6th edition of the Kalakari film festival will feature over 500 women-oriented films. It will also promote movies by women filmmakers from various Indian regions.


A film has no gender; its creator should not be judged solely by their gender. These women refused to conform to the structures and claimed their much-deserved emancipation.


Rishi Nikam said that the main objective of the Kalakari Film Fest is to provide a platform for the artists of India to display their art on a global level. This event also helps them gain recognition.


“We are a great team composed of talented individuals such as Aditya Itoriya and Priya Yadav. Kalakari has gained popularity due to its unique style of storytelling. This festival will also feature various prominent celebrities from all around the world”, he said.