Kashmir: Three ‘Hybrid’ Terrorists Apprehended Ahead Of Republic Day In Baramulla District

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Srinagar, 26th January 2024: In a significant pre-Republic Day development, authorities in Jammu and Kashmir’s Baramulla district successfully arrested three ‘hybrid’ terrorists during an arms consignment exchange in the Boniyar area of the Uri sector in north Kashmir.


The operation, a result of vigilant monitoring of social media groups and precise tracking, averted a potentially major incident on the eve of Republic Day. The arrested individuals were allegedly involved in planning and executing illicit arms exchanges, posing a threat to the region’s security.


“In a successful operation, troops of Dagger Divison of Indian Army and JKP apprehended three hybrid terrorists with arms. Infiltration into social media groups and precise tracking led to their red-handed apprehension, averting a major incident on the brink of Republic Day. The swift action underscores Indian Army’s and JKP’s dedication to national security. The individuals are now in custody, and further investigations are underway. Identities of these individuals have been withheld for security reasons. Indian Army remains committed to ensuring the safety of citizens”, an official said.