Keep These Tips In Mind While Driving Bike During Monsoons

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Pune, 17th June 2022: Monsoon has started in many parts of India. Although rain is liked by many people, bike riders face a lot of trouble when it comes to driving while it is raining. This is because due to rain the roads become full of dirt and mud which increases the chances of the bikes slipping.


Here are some tips that one should keep in mind while riding a bike in rain:


1. Use tyres with good grip: One of the most important things for safe riding in monsoon is tires with a good grip. So before the season starts, one should get their tires checked. The bike tires are designed to stay connected with the road and maintain grip. When the tire of the bike is overused then its grip starts getting worse and as soon as it moves on the wet road it becomes a dangerous situation for the rider.

Therefore, given the safety, one should change the tire of their bike on time.


2. Avoid riding a bike at high speed: Driving at high speed should always be avoided during the rainy season. Due to driving at high speed, if a slip occurs on the road, then the rider gets a very low chance to balance the bike. This increases the chances of accidents. In the rainy season, it is advised to keep the maximum speed of 30 to 50 kilometres per hour.


3. Avoid heavily waterlogged Roads: During the rainy season, one should avoid going to waterlogged places. In such places, there is a problem with riding a bike. It can also cause water to enter the engine of the bike and damage the engine.


4. Get your bike servicing ahead of time: One should get their bike serviced at the beginning of the monsoon. This will increase the efficiency of the engine.