KEM Hospital, Pune and Rotary Club of Pune Pride inaugurate Health ATM project at Vadu Budruk

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Pune, 29th April 2024: The KEM Hospital Research Centre in Pune in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Pune Pride inaugurated a new health service initiative called the Health ATM project recently at Vadu Budruk near Pune recently . Dr. Laila Garda, Director, KEM Hospital Research Centre, Dr. Anand Kawade , Head, Vadu Rural Health Program (VRHP) , Manju Phadke, Governor, Rotary Dist. 3131, Sudhir Bapat. President Rotary Club of Pune Pride, Secretaries of Rotary Club of Pune Pride -Vaishali Deo, Ujwal Kele, Anil kasodekar along with Senior Scientists at KEM Hospital Research Centre- Dr. Girish Daima, Dr Rutuja Patil ,Dr. Dheeraj Agarwal and Dr Aditi Apte, were present on the occasion.

The Health ATM is a touch-screen kiosk designed by Hindustan Antibiotics Limited (HAL) to manage health-related information. It operates as a cloud-based clinic that offers automated health screening and immediate diagnostic reports, allowing individuals to access their health records online.

This project aims to provide community-level screening for anaemia, diabetes, and hypertension, as well as telemedicine services to rural residents. Currently Rotary has funded the program for about 30,000 people to get checked for two parameters sugar and haemoglobin. A common person has to stand on the application and enter his or her mobile number and do the tests. A technician will be available currently to assist the people. The program will be extended to the Community Health Research Unit in Manchar in about a month’s time. This project will be useful in rural areas where accessibility to diagnostics and health care professionals is still a challenge.