Key Tips for Choosing PG Accommodation that Meets Your Needs

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Pune, 5 May 2020- Choosing accommodation is by no means, an easy feat. You have a million factors to consider that have a direct impact on your health, safety, wallet, and peace of mind as well. It is a herculean task to find a PG that satisfies all the needs, but it is not impossible. So how do you go about choosing the PG accommodation that fits your requirements and satisfies all essential needs? Let us find out!

Fix a Budget:

Money matters! Fix a budget on your monthly PG rent, that you can set aside without compromising on your other lifestyle requirements.

If the rent is too low, dig a little deeper into the facilities that are included as well as not accounted for. For example, your daily meals might be excluded from the rent and it is up to you to make your arrangements.

Low rent can be synonymous with low quality of services or sometimes, lack of amenities as well. You need to question your PG authorities about what is inclusive in your rent. Step back and then access what are things you would like covered in the rent itself (like food, laundry, WiFi, etc), because anything beyond the decided amenities will have to be either procured or managed with additional time, energy, and monetary investment by you. Then decide if the final price fits your wallet.

For instance, if you are a college student with a low budget or a fresher just starting out in need of a safe environment, you can check Stanza Living’s PGs in Hinjewadi that are quite popular with students looking for accessibility as well as budget-friendly options.


Location, location, and location! This is the mantra of real estate and that should be of your PG accommodation as well. Choosing a location set in a fully residential or even a commercial area is a great way to ensure safety, accessibility to shops and easy conveyance.

For instance, if you are going for a PG in Pune, you can choose from the range of Stanza Living residences located across Kothrud, F.C Road, Hinjewadi, Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar etc. which are more connected to other parts of town. That way, you can also save money on cabs.

Rules and Regulations:

Many PGs have regulations like curfews which makes it difficult for some tenants. You might be working the night shift or are a student attending back-to-back coaching classes or returning from your part-time job only to find the gates locked. Many other regulations can include fixed TV timings, no non-vegetarian food. Not knowing about these prior to moving in can be very frustrating.

It is better to check for such regulations and have a clear standpoint about what will and will not work for you. This will help you streamline your list to the ones that are the best fit for you. Very popular options these days are professionally managed accommodations like Stanza Living, which offer multi-tiered security systems and biometric access which are not only safe but also ensure that you are not bound by any unfriendly regulations that severely hamper your movement.

Availability of Food:

Food is essential and you should not compromise on what you put in your body every day. Some PGs may offer all three meals while some PGs may skip lunch. You can also look for PGs that offer tiffin delivery to your college or office, it might charge you extra though. Today, you even have the option of choosing managed PGs that provide food cooked in FSSAI-licensed kitchens, ensuring high quality of food. Some of them even allow you to sample the food in case you happen to be there during lunch or dinner time – which helps with the decision making.

 It is better to conduct detailed research, speak to existing residents and the property owners with respect to food, and then select the PG of your choice.


Sanitation has always been an important parameter and while we are living in the times of pandemic, you must stress further on the need to maintain utmost hygiene where you live. You can read up reviews and talk to those already living there with respect to living conditions and sanitation before you pay that PG a visit. No compromise with health!

Living in a PG can either be a bliss or a stressful experience, based on the research you have done in choosing a living space for yourself. Create a checklist and keep in mind the points we discussed before you move in, bag and baggage.