Khadki: Cantonment Organizes Training Workshop For Gardners

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Pune, September 9, 2020: The Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB) recently organised a training workshop for gardeners (mali). The gardeners from the Bombay Engineer Group and Centre (BEG&C) as well as Khadki, Pune and Dehuroad cantonments, were imparted the training.

KCB CEO Pramod Kumar Singh, who himself gave two hours training, said, “The motto was to make cantonment as ‘Atmanirbhar cantonment’ in horticulture and gardening under ‘Atmnirbhar Bharat’ mission. Growing more tree is a prime concern with above 90% survival rate.”

The basic training included:

How to grow a plant from various seeds and cuttings
Use of root hormones and manure
Greenhouse effect, watering, seed germination, use of sunlight and shade
Tools for gardening, herbicide, use of NPK
Seed collection growing saplings in a polybag and root tray
Budding, layering methods
Type of plants, ornamental, hedges, flowering, thorny plant, medicational plant
Low-cost drip irrigation, sprinkler use
Stressed to plant long life plants such as banyan tree (309 years). Peepal tree (1500years)
Fewer water plants for roadside
Fruit growing plants and their problems
Training was practical and on-ground training in KCB nursery (1 lakh plants) itself
Experiences shared by the gardeners of Pune cantonment board and BEG, the whole session was interactive.