Know Why There Is Rise In Night Temperatures In Pune And Parts Of Maharashtra

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Pune, 26th November 2022: Now-a-days, Pune city and district is experiencing some partly cloudy conditions during the day, in the evening and even at night. Presence of partly cloudy weather during the daytime causes almost no reduction in day temperature, but the night temperature is increasing.

“Pune skies are witnessing around 4 to 5 okta cloud cover (cirrus clouds plus strato-cumulus and alto-cumulus clouds), in the evening today. The cloud cover during night acts as a blanket in the atmosphere and prevents escape of the long wave radiation emitted from the earth’s surface into the atmosphere. This causes a rise in night temperatures”, said Anupam Kashyapi, head of weather forecasting at India Meteorology Department (IMD), Pune.


He added, “Actually, there is a gradual increase in moisture level over Pune district/city and in parts of south-central Madhya Maharashtra during the last few days, because the wind is mainly east-southeasterly. These winds are coming from Bay of Bengal through/via South peninsular India, which is under the influence of the easterly waves. These winds are partially moist under the influence of which parts of Maharashtra is recording higher night temperatures(with likely chance of haze at isolated places, during early morning hours). They are likely to continue in Pune, in and around till November 28 after which there is likely a chance of partial reduction in moisture availability in the air. However, the weather is dynamic and could change with changing conditions.”