Lawyers should work more for satisfaction rather than money – RAM JETHMALANI  

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Pune – India is the oldest exponent of the Secularism as during Lord Ashoka’s regime 300 BC there were multi religious societies. He wrote on the 12th rock pillar that religion should unite and not divide. Secularism is the product of American and Western Countries at large. According to me “Secularism is superiority of knowledge over ignorance also superiority of science over religion, etc. In 1976 during emergency the word “Secular Republic ” was added to Indian Constitution, he stated a book called “Religion Gone Astray”. In India secular practices shall be regulated, even individual has a right to practice, profess religion. Hon’ble Adv. Shri. Ram Jethmalani speaking at legal discourse on “Law as a Career” organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College, Pune as on 14th July, 2016.

‘A good lawyer should know literature very well. Free work is also a duty of lawyer, handling of facts is difficult then handling of law’. Lawyers are not money making machines so lawyers have duty towards court, clients as well as towards public also that’s why duty of a lawyer is very important and the lawyers should obey it carefully. A Lawyer should work for the benefit of the general public. Satisfaction to serve general public is more than money as such.

He further stated that, “he was very depressed with the current government in regards to the recovery of black money as rupees 90 lakh crores is been recovered from poor people. So he says that, they should fulfill the promise made to the people of India. The legal discourse was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Hon’ble Adv. Shri. Ram Jethmalani, Supreme Court of India, Prof. Dr. Muukund Sarrdah Dean and Principal New Law College, Pune.