Legacy Of Standardization In Real Estate

Ravi Varma on dreams cover page
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Ravi Varma

Chairman of National Association of Realtors India

Pune, 20th July 2023: I happened to stumble upon the World of Real Estate by chance. I was part of the Second Batch of MBA Graduates from Pune University. When I began working for a Company, due to our busy schedules, my Wife and I had a weekend marriage, where I would visit her on weekends, change my clothes, pack my bags, and head out again. This arrangement meant that my Wife was always looking for activities which would generate money as well as help me to work out of the same city and have some family life.

Ravi Varma with wife

One day, when I came home, she excitedly told me that she had started her own Real Estate Brokerage Company. Intrigued, I asked her to explain it to me. She explained that she shows properties to people, facilitates the sale and receives 2% Commission from each Transaction.

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