Leopard Sightings Surge in Maval: Residents Urged to Remain Vigilant

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Maval, 24th June 2024: The Maval taluka area is witnessing an alarming increase in leopard sightings, prompting heightened concern among local residents. Over the past ten days, leopards have been spotted on multiple occasions, causing apprehension in communities already engaged in intensive farming activities for the upcoming Kharif season.

The region, renowned for its expansive sugarcane fields, has farmers worried about potential disruptions by leopards, including confrontations with vehicles and attacks on livestock. Recent incidents include a leopard sighting along the Indori-Nanoli road on 14th June, which startled Sarpanch Shashikant Shinde, leading to immediate notification of forest officials. Similar encounters followed, such as the snatching of a goat near Tushar Waghole’s residence and sightings at Om Nursery in Kamshet and Pratik Bhosle’s field in Nanoli-Indori.

Adding to the concern, on 23rd June, two leopard cubs were observed near JCB Company in Talegaon MIDC, marking another in a series of daily sightings that have left residents anxious.

Hanuman Jadhav, Range Forest Officer of Wadgaon Maval, cautioned residents: “Leopard footprints have been detected in various parts of Maval taluka. It is advisable for residents to exercise caution, refrain from venturing alone at night, and keep pets indoors.”

Nilesh Garade, founder of Maval Sanstha, stressed the importance of vigilance: “Leopards are actively searching for food. Residents must remain vigilant and promptly report any sightings to the forest department or local wildlife authorities.”

This surge in leopard sightings underscores the need for heightened awareness and precautionary measures among residents of Maval.