Life Coach & Author Harry Alexander’s Session on Writing Non Fiction 

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Pune, June 22nd, 2018: Writing and publishing of books is on the rise since Indian authors realised they can now publish their work without waiting on traditional publishers. More and more people want to write and publish. To help with the same, Harry Alexander, a published author of “The One Technique” &, licensed master practitioner of NLP and an ICF Certified & CCA Accredited Life Coach will be giving tips on writing Non Fiction books at 212 All Day Café on 23rd June, 2018.

In addition there will be discussions on various techniques such as Vipassana, NLP, etc. amongst others, Harry will also focus on consulting & mentoring people individually on how to move ahead in their personal and professional lives. His session will help people at every level to cope-up with their stress while gaining peace and mindfulness to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Harry offers Leadership & Business Coaching and Public Speaking Training to corporates & Individuals to help them move ahead in their lives. He trains people at different levels and helps corporates’ cope with daily stress with Global Business Mindset & Leadership Development Programs. With a 360 degree approach, he offers mindset transformation for academics, career & relationships.