LIVE Cyclone Amphan Updates: winds moving at a speed of 275 KM in sea, increasing speed

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New Delhi, 19 May 2020 : The first cyclone of 2020, which took place in the Bay of Bengal, has been transformed into Emphon Super Cyclone. According to weather information website skymetweather, this storm is the most severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal in the last 20 years.

Due to this, the northern parts of the Bay of Bengal are in turmoil and the wind speed is continuously increasing. With this, winds are moving at a speed of 275 km per hour in the sea.

As the amphon is advancing, wind is becoming furious in Odisha and coastal West Bengal regions. From now on, the wind speed will continue to increase in coastal Andhra Pradesh, coastal Odisha, coastal West Bengal and northeastern states. Wind speed is expected to reach 50-60 kmph in coastal parts of Odisha and West Bengal and some places in the northeastern states soon.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba will chair the National Crisis Monitoring Committee (NCMC) meeting at noon today. Apart from the readiness of the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) and the Defense Forces, the Departments of Power and Telecommunications have been instructed to be prepared with emergency response.