MAHA Metro takes a firm stance in NGT

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Pune, 10th October, 2017: Today, an application seeking appointment of special expert committee to assess the environment impact in 1.3 km stretch of MAHA Metro’s Pune Metro Rail Project was moved to hearing by the applicants at National Green Tribunal (NGT).

The said proposal, however, was objected by MAHA Metro on grounds that the issue is sub-judice in the honourable Supreme Court. Also, MAHA Metro argued that NGT does not hold power to sou-moto appoint any committee, especially when there was no application by any of the parties. MAHA Metro further clarified that as the matter of jurisdiction of NGT regarding Environment clearance has been admitted by the Hon’able Supreme Court at this juncture, NGT’s decision for planning to appoint a Special Environment Committee might not be in tune of the ongoing case in the Supreme Court.

Earlier on 18th September, the honourable Supreme Court in an order had permitted the NGT to only hear the matter, but if any adverse order was passed by the tribunal, the same would be given effect only after due consent of the honourable Supreme Court.

Dr. Brijesh Dixit, MD.Maha Metro mentioned that, The Supreme Court has clearly directed that the project work of MAHA Metro can continue..