Mahapower-Pay Revolutionizes Electricity Bill Payments, Generates 218 Crores; Wallet Holders Receive 1.27 Crores in Commissions

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Pune, 15th January 2024: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited’s (MSEDCL) innovative payment wallet, ‘Mahapower-Pay,’ is making waves in Western Maharashtra, particularly in facilitating electricity bill payments for consumers in semi-urban and rural areas. This initiative not only streamlines the payment process but also provides a significant financial avenue for small businesses. Over the past year, an impressive 25,54,294 electricity consumers have utilized ‘Mahapower-Pay’ to settle bills, contributing to a total transaction volume of 217.46 crores.

A remarkable aspect of this initiative is the empowerment of individuals, self-help groups, and small shopkeepers who can become wallet holders. Through ‘Mahapower-Pay,’ 453 individuals have established electricity bill payment centers, collectively earning a commendable commission of 1.27 crores over the past year.

‘Mahapower-Pay’ was introduced by MSEDCL to simplify the electricity bill payment process for consumers above 18 years of age, including small business owners, shopkeepers, students, and self-help groups. The wallet, accessible through mobile or computer, offers online recharge facilities through debit/credit cards and net banking. Wallet holders receive a commission of five rupees for each electricity bill payment made.

Pune Regional Director Ankush Nale encourages those interested in becoming ‘Mahapower-Pay’ wallet holders to reach out to the Divisional/Sub-divisional offices of MSEDCL.

In the Pune Regional Division alone, 1,32,741 consumers in Pune district have utilized the wallet to pay bills amounting to 12.39 crores, resulting in a commission payout of 6.63 lakhs to 72 wallet holders. Similarly, in Kolhapur district, 10,95,229 consumers paid bills worth 92.84 crores, with 182 wallet holders earning commissions totaling 54.76 lakhs.

Sangli district witnessed 1,01,583 customers using ‘Mahapower-Pay’ to pay bills amounting to 8.93 crores, generating a commission of 5.07 lakhs for 33 wallet holders. In Solapur district, 1,77,946 customers paid bills totaling 18.45 crores, resulting in a commission payout of 8.89 lakhs to 70 wallet holders. Satara district saw 10,46,795 consumers paying bills of 84.85 crores, with 96 wallet holders earning commissions totaling 52.33 lakhs.

‘महापॉवर-पे’द्वारे तब्बल २१८ कोटींचा वीजबिल भरणा; वॉलेटधारकांना १.२७ कोटींचे कमिशन तर वीजग्राहकांनाही सर्वत्र सुविधा

Applicants interested in becoming ‘Mahapower-Pay’ wallet holders undergo a thorough verification process, ensuring that they meet the necessary criteria. Upon approval, these wallet holders can assist MSEDCL customers in paying their electricity bills conveniently. The system provides instant SMS notifications upon successful bill payment and allows multiple log-ins to pay bills from different customers using the same wallet balance. Monthly accounting and commission payouts are credited to the main wallet, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the process.