Maharashtra on third position in the overall health index

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New Delhi, 25.June.19: Maharashtra secured third position with 63.99 points from the country, in overall health index declared by policy commission. The Commission released the health index of all state and union territory states of India. Maharashtra was on sixth position in 2015.

The index ‘Healthy State, Progressive India Report’ was released in the presence of Deputy Chairman of the NITI Aayog Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of the Commission Amitabh Kant, Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Priti Sudan, and Health Advisor of the Commission Alok Kumar. This index are designed to motivate the states in the direction of transforming the health sector.

Maharashtra was ranked 6th on the basis of 2015-16 data, with 61.07 points. The state has jumped on sixth position in health index from third place according to the basic information of 2017-18. According to this index, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra are the best in the country.

In collaboration with World Bank and Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry, NITI Aayog has prepared a ‘Healthy State, Progressive India Report’ on the basis of information of 2017-18. Based on the information collected in this advertisement, the number of 21 big states, 8 small states and seven Union Territories states of the country has been classified for coefficient. In large states, Kerala remained at number one with 74.01 points. Andhra Pradesh got the eighth position with 65.13 points, while Maharashtra secured63.99 points and jumped from sixth position to third position.