Maharashtra To Be At Forefront In Generating Electricity Through Unconventional Ways: MEDA DG Ravindra Jagtap

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Pune, 17th April 2022: Industrialization, rapid urbanization and growing demand for electricity as well as underground storage of fuel required for conventional power generation are declining. Due to the insufficient supply to the demand of electricity, unconventional methods of power generation are gaining importance. By using wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy to produce electricity, we aim to take Maharashtra to the pinnacle position in the country, says Ravindra Jagtap, Director General, Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (Meda).

The solar energy production exhibition was inaugurated by Ravindra Jagtap, Director General, Mahaurja(Meda), Sachin Talewar, Chief Engineer, MSEDCL, Pune Circle, Vinod Shirsat, General Manager, Mahaurja, Ravindra Dharia, President, Vanrai and Rajesh Mutha, President, MASMA, Director Sameer Gandhi, Secretary Jayesh Akole, Shashikant Wakde, Sanjay Deshmukh, Sanjay Kulkarni, Pradip Kulkarni, Narendra Pawar and Rohan Upasani were present on the occasion.

Citizens are aware of the importance of sun worship. However, energy from sunlight can be used to cook food, heat water, and even generate electricity. Meetings will be held every two months between the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (Mahaurja) and the Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association (MASMA) to overcome the hurdles in promoting and disseminating solar energy. Ravindra Jagtap said that one can see the harmony with the citizens through the exhibition.

Vinod Shirsat, General Manager, Mahaurja, said that Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association (MASMA), MSEDCL and Mahaurja are working together to achieve the objectives set out in the non-conventional energy policy. Load shedding in Maharashtra is due to increasing demand for electricity. Therefore, citizens should use electricity as per their requirement. Saving electricity will help us to deal with problems like load shedding.

Sachin Talewar said that in view of increasing demand for electricity, continuous efforts are being made by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution (MSEDCL) and Maharashtra Solar Manufacturing Association (MASMA) to facilitate the operation of solar energy equipment for the benefit of consumers. Joint committees have also been set up for this purpose.

Rajesh Mutha said that MASMA has organized a special exhibition to promote and disseminate solar energy. There are also stalls here to deliver various schemes of MSEDCL directly to the customers. Pune residents will be able to see and buy solar water heaters, solar dryers, solar refrigerators, solar cooler generators, inverters as well as various appliances. The products of more than 40 solar energy equipment manufacturers are on sale here. It includes everything from small items to equipment needed by large entrepreneurs. The general public, small to medium entrepreneurs will benefit from this exhibition to purchase various equipments.