Maharashtra to have Andhra Pradesh like law for death penalty in rape cases

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Mumbai, 26 Feb 2020: A new Act, based on the model of Andhra Pradesh Government’s Disha Act, is being drafted in Maharashtra to prevent atrocities against women. The bill will be presented to the legislature in the budget session. The death penalty will be given to the criminal cases of rape, gang rape, sexual atrocities against children, told Home Minister Anil Deshmukh to both houses.

Legislative Council member Hemant Takle and Sunil Prabhu called for the attention notice regarding women’s safety on the backdrop of woman lecturer burnt alive case in Wardha district.  Deshmukh answered to this question.

Andhra Pradesh government has brought in effect ‘Disha’ Act. Minister Anil Deshmukh told that a similar Act will be implemented in Maharashtra with necessary changes.

A committee consisting of five police officers has been deployed to study the act and its implementation in the state. The committee will submit its report by 29th February. As soon as the report is received, the bill will be presented to both houses. The government has taken a serious stand on atrocities against women.  Deshmukh told that suggestions of women members from both houses and NGOs working for women will be taken into consideration before bringing this new Act in effect.

Six CCTV cameras will be installed in all 1150 police stations in the next three months. Victim women and children in the cases of rape, child sexual violence, acid attacks are given financial assistance under the Manodhairya scheme.  Deshmukh told that victims of flammable substance will be provided aid soon.

Pune police have established ‘Bharosa Cell’ to prevent atrocities against women and counseling. This scheme is being implemented on the experimental level. It will be brought into effect in the whole state after its success. While answering a sub-question,  Anil Deshmukh told that complaints can be registered online through CCTNS.

Currently, five thousand CCTV cameras are installed and active in Mumbai. More than five thousand CCTV cameras will be installed. These cameras will prove helpful for women’s safety. CCTC installation will be made mandatory in all new and old buildings.

Opposition leader Pravin Darekar, member Sarvshri Kapil Patil, Girish Vyas, Nago Ganar, Prakash Gajbhiye, Husnbano Khalife, Niranjan Davkhare, Jogendra Kawade, Kishor Darade, Ramdas Ambatkar, Parinay Fuke, Prasad Lad, Bhai Girkar, Ambadas Danve, . Adv. Manisha Kayande, Vidya Chavan took part in the calling attention discussion. Member Sarvshri Abu Azmi, Praniti Shinde, Yamini Jadhav, Shubhra Ghodke took part in the discussion at assembly.