Mahindra Faces Criticism on Twitter for Delay in Providing XUV 700 and Scorpio To Defence Personnel through CSD

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Pune, 10th January 2023: In a wave of social media uproar, Indian automotive giant Mahindra & Mahindra is under fire for the delay in making their XUV 700 and Scorpio models available for sale through the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) for the country’s armed forces. Twitter became the battleground where several users, including defense personnel, expressed their discontent and frustration, demanding prompt action from Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group.



Numerous tweets surfaced, spotlighting the disappointment and impatience among the defense community regarding the unavailability of the latest Mahindra vehicles through CSD, despite the XUV 700’s launch in the market more than two years ago. Garry, Sanjay Sharma, Akshadeep Singh, and other users took to Twitter, criticizing Mahindra’s alleged apathy and delay in catering to the needs of the armed forces.



Garry Chatha, expressing his discontent, questioned why Mahindra hadn’t made the XUV 700 accessible through CSD for soldiers even after repeated requests over three years. The sentiments echoed by Garry were met with an auto-generated response from Mahindra’s customer service, assuring that CSD sales for selected XUV700 variants would commence soon, urging patience from the customers.





Sanjay Sharma’s tweet targeted Anand Mahindra, condemning what he perceived as an unsympathetic attitude from Mahindra towards defense personnel. He labeled Mahindra as a “fake patriot” and highlighted the swifter availability of vehicles from competitors like TATA and Maruti through CSD after their launches.





Similarly, Akshadeep Singh raised concerns about Mahindra leveraging the armed forces for product promotion while allegedly neglecting to list their products, including the Scorpio and XUV 700, in the CSD lineup. A chorus of disappointment resounded on Twitter, emphasizing the preference of defense officers for indigenous products like Mahindra vehicles and lamenting the absence of the XUV 700 and Scorpio in the CSD market.




The dissatisfaction among Twitter users, especially defense personnel, regarding the unavailability of Mahindra’s XUV 700 and Scorpion Through CSD is palpable.