Majestique Marbella: Case Registered After 1.5 Years in Labourer’s Fatal Fall

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Kharadi, 16th January 2024: In an incident that occurred on September 21, 2022, a 31-year-old labourer fell to his death while performing centring work on the 10th floor of the under-construction building at the ‘Majestique Marbella’ housing project in Kharadi. The deceased, identified as Vishwanath Khudiram Vishwas, had been working on the project when the accident took place around 5:30 in the evening.

Recently, after nearly a year and a half of investigation, Pune police have registered a case in connection with the incident. Vishwanath’s fall resulted in fatal injuries, leading to doubts and concerns about the delayed initiation of legal proceedings. The case has been registered under IPC 304 (A) (causing death by negligence), 34 (common intention) against contractor Faheem Usman Sheikh and subcontractor Deepan Dewas Samajdar.

Vishwas, a resident of Kharadi, was working on the tenth floor of the ‘D Wing’ building alongside colleagues Sushant Bhowmik and Vishwanath Satto Sardar. During centring work in the kitchen room, Vishwas lost his balance and fell into the duct. Unfortunately, the safety nets installed on the ninth, seventh, and fifth floors were of poor quality, leading to a direct fall from the tenth floor to the first floor. Vishwas succumbed to severe injuries, and the accident was investigated to determine responsibility among builders, construction contractors, and labour contractors.

The investigation identified potential lapses and faults in the safety measures, leading to the tragic incident. The safety nets on several floors were deemed substandard, contributing to the fatal fall. Following the thorough inquiry, a case was registered against the contractor, Faheem Usman Sheikh, and subcontractor, Deepan Dewas Samajdar.

Abhijit Khudiram Vishwas, a relative of the deceased and a resident of Kharadi, filed the complaint leading to the registration of the case by Chandan Nagar police station.