Major Breakthrough: PCMC Commissioner and Leaders Pledge Swift Action on Wakad Datt Mandir Road Concerns

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Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri, 17th January 2024: In a significant development, 27 housing societies on Datt Mandir Road in Wakad actively participated in a meeting addressing the longstanding concern of a narrow 45-meter road. The gathering was attended by PCMC Commissioner Shekhar Singh, BJP Pimpri Chinchwad City President Shankar Jagtap, and ex-corporator Vinayak Gaikwad. Encouragingly, the meeting concluded with a positive outlook on resolving the road width issue.

The authorities, including Commissioner Singh and local leaders, assured the community of expeditiously acquiring the missing 45-meter wide road land in the upcoming days. The concerted efforts of the chairpersons and secretaries of the societies along this road are poised to yield positive results shortly.

Residents of Datt Mandir Road have been grappling with traffic congestion, exacerbated by the inadequate road width. The originally proposed 45-meter width faced setbacks in implementation due to challenges in land acquisition. Notably, this thoroughfare hosts essential institutions such as schools, colleges, shops, and a mall, making it a crucial part of the local infrastructure, particularly in proximity to the Katraj Dehu Road Bypass.

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Expressing their urgency, the societies issued an ultimatum for agitation if the issue remained unresolved. Sachin Londhe, Vice President of the Pimpri Chinchwad Cooperative Housing Society Federation, had earlier warned of protests if a decision wasn’t reached by the end of January 2024. The recent positive response from the federation’s meeting indicates a potential resolution on the horizon.

The City Engineer (Civil) of PCMC, Makarand Nikam, had previously informed Punekar News about ongoing efforts to expedite land acquisition and commence road construction before the upcoming rainy season. While hope is rekindled for the residents of Datt Mandir Road, the complexity of the task ahead raises questions about how PCMC will manage this significant undertaking. The community remains cautiously optimistic as they await tangible progress in the resolution of this critical infrastructure issue.