Maldivian Opposition Leader Advocates for India, Calls for Special Parliamentary Session to Condemn Anti-India Statements

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Male, 10th January 2024: Following derogatory comments made by members of Mohamed Muizzu’s government of Maldives towards India and Prime Minister Modi, Opposition Leader Meekail Ahmed Naseem has strongly condemned these statements. Naseem is urging the Maldivian government to distance itself from the individual remarks made by its ministers.

Faiyaz Ismail, President of the Maldivian Democratic Party, expressed his dissatisfaction with the comments from Maldivian authorities. He squarely blamed the present government for the tarnished image of Maldives in international politics due to reckless remarks against its neighbors. Ismail also held the government accountable for strained ties with India.

Meekail Ahmed Naseem, leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party, has formally requested the President of Parliament to convene a special session. The purpose is to seek an explanation from the Foreign Minister regarding the rash statements made against India and its Prime Minister by him and his colleagues.

The controversy erupted when Mariyam Shiuna, Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment, posted offensive comments on a social media platform targeting Prime Minister Modi. The post, now deleted, contained disrespectful language and compared India to cow dung. In the deleted post, the minister referred to PM Modi as a ‘clown’ and a ‘puppet,’ particularly in reference to his recent visit to Lakshadweep.

In response to these statements, the government clarified that these remarks circulating on social media are personal opinions and do not represent the official stance of the Maldivian administration.