Man saves wife’s life by donating part of his liver

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PUNE 31 OCT 2018 : A 25-year-old woman admitted at Jupiter Hospital in critical condition from Jalgaon gets part of the liver from her husband; the transplant surgery was successfully performed at Jupiter Hospital, Pune.

The patient Mrs. Rupali Patil was suffering from jaundice and was being treated at the local hospital. However, the condition started worsening day by day. Dr Rishikesh Choudhari, Gastroenterologist from Jalgaon made the timely diagnosis of liver failure and advised that patient must have the immediate transplant. The same evening the patient was transferred to Jupiter Hospital in critical condition, where she was stabilized and her family was counselled about the quick transplant procedure and the husband was the potential donor who saved her life from the critical disease.

Dr Gaurav Chaubal, Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon, Jupiter Hospital said, “The suspicious mind and timely referral of the doctor was a big help to save the patient’s life, as she was suffering from acute viral hepatitis for two weeks, which could have cost her life.”

The team Surgeons who performed transplant were; Dr Gaurav Chaubal, Dr Somnath Chattopadhyay, Dr Sharan Narute, Dr Aditya Nanavati, Hepatologists; Dr Parijat Gupte, Dr Pavan Hanchanale, and Intensivists Dr Sanjay Walke and Dr Jayant Shelgaonkar.

“Liver has the capacity to re-grow within ‘eight to ten’ weeks when a part of the liver is removed also; the transplanted partial liver has the same capacity to grow in the recipients,” said Dr Gaurav Chaubal.

“I am very happy to have this new life, that was possible because of doctors at Jupiter hospital who performed the surgery and my wonderful husband who did not hesitate to donate part of his organ,” said Rupali Patil, Patient

The husband driver was the potential donor, within three days donor and patient underwent all the tests and a timely transplant was done. The patient had a good recovery and went home in a week’s time. Jupiter Hospital, Pune helped them out by subsidizing the cost for the lifesaving surgery as the financial condition of the patient’s family is weak.