March 2024 Witnesses Exciting Launches in Indian Automobile Industry

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Pune, 31st March 2024: Several remarkable automobiles, such as MPVs, SUVs, and electric vehicles (EVs), were introduced in India in March 2024, marking an important moment in the country’s automotive history. Let’s examine these recently released cars’ specifics and key features.

India’s automotive industry continues to develop, and in March 2024, several high-profile vehicles from different segments made their debut. This month, top manufacturers offered a wide range of automobiles, including those with internal combustion (IC) engines and electric vehicles.

The Creta N Line, Hyundai’s latest lineup addition, officially entered the Indian market. The popular Creta SUV is positioned as a sportier variant, and the Creta N Line has a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine. Hyundai’s showroom costs, which range from ₹16.82 lakhs to ₹20.45 lakhs, are intended to satisfy enthusiasts who want a dynamic driving experience.

The Chinese electric car maker BYD debuted the Seal, a sedan model, in India in March. The Seal is offered in premium, dynamic, and performance varieties and has a remarkable 650-kilometer range with two battery options. With a price range of ₹41 to ₹53 lakhs, this electric vehicle (EV) highlights BYD’s commitment to eco-friendly mobility options.

The IC and EV variants of Tata Motors’ popular Nexon SUV were presented as the Dark Edition. Building on the success of the redesigned Nexon that was revealed in September 2023, the Dark Edition gives the SUV’s design a more refined look. With costs starting at ₹11.45 lakhs and going up to ₹19.49 lakhs, Tata hopes to attract customers who are style-conscious and want a distinctive look.

BMW, renowned for its high-end sedans, debuted the 620d M Sport Signature in India. This classy sedan, equipped with a diesel engine and a wide range of modern technologies, is a prime example of BMW’s dedication to combining style and performance. The 620d M Sport Signature, which costs ₹78.90 lakhs, combines power and sophistication.
MG, which is well-known for its electric products, improved the Comet EV range by adding a fast charger option. The Comet, which is available in the Excite and Exclusive FC versions, now comes with an optional 7.4 kW AC charger in addition to its standard 3.3 kW AC charger. MG wants to increase Indian consumers’ access to electric mobility, with costs starting at ₹8.3 lakhs in the showroom.

The debut of Lexus’s premium MPV, the LM350h, was a treat for enthusiasts of luxury vehicles. With its luxurious features and configurations that seat four or seven passengers, the LM350h redefines luxury in its class. With dealership pricing between ₹2 crores and ₹2.5 crores, Lexus caters to affluent consumers who demand the highest levels of luxury and convenience.