Mathematics or Astrology in Cricket Betting Tips

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India,May 2020- Some would say professional punters have an all knowing hand, especially those that know when to bet on the favourite and when to root for the underdog. In fact, there are some that would tell you to read the stars when it comes to betting on the popular game of cricket.

These players sure do know how to keep sports bettors on their toes. Dr.Ved Prakash was dubbed the ‘Greatest Astrologer’ in 2006 and many would say that with the increased popularity of cricket and sportsbetting, he would be the most reliable man in the world with predicting who would win the next tournament and he keeps to office hours, so that’s a start.

Maths or Magic?

Depending on how you look at it, you could say that betting on cricket is a little bit of math, a little bit of magic and a little bit of reading the fate of the stars. Sports predictions are calculated by AI technology that factors in all outside elements and the results of past games as we can surmise from cricket betting tips from odds experts. This is the math.

The magic lies within the bettor, though punters aren’t generally magicians, they are the ones that choose the odds and in instances than not, they tend to win. When the planets align it is as if they are doing so to shed light on a beautiful green cricket pitch while bettors eagerly await the result as the game is in play.

The power of astrology and the potency of mathematics combined, who is to say there isn’t a little bit of magic in predictions, we all know there is most definitely magic in cricket and when winning a sports bet, the magic can be felt all over from head to toe.

When The Stars Are Aligned

There is nothing wrong with profiting from the stars; some would say it’s a gift from heaven while others may not believe in astrology. But we have to agree, all sports bettors believe in luck and if astrology can tell a man how his day is going to go, perhaps it also has the power of telling us which batsmen will walk away as the man of the match.

If astrology were as accurate in its predictions as we like to think it can be, perhaps we could seek out cricket advice right next to the relationship column in the Cosmopolitan. There would be a whole new market of readers for the internationally recognized brand name and magazines would start selling like hotcakes, that’s for sure.

What’s To Come?

So what will be next? Which team will take the match? How many sixes will be played? And can we rely on the magic of astrology to cast the next predictions or should we be tracking Dr.Ved Prakash for his expert opinion on the upcoming IPL at the end of March, business ought to be good in March and April just as soon as the IPL swings off!