Matka and gambling activities flourish right under the nose of Pune Police

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, December 5, 2020: Pune City Police has set up a Quick Response (QR) Code sheet which is timely scanned by police officials on beat patrolling duty.

The QR Code sheets have been put up as a part of the ‘Third I’ initiative since the past one year. The police have set up laminated A4 sized QR sheets at multiple jurisdictions. The beat marshals who are on the patrolling duty are supposed to scan these QR codes with the help of the ‘Third I’ software. In this way, a centralized technical system can ensure the visit of the police officials on these spots.

One of these QR Code sheets has been up on the wall of a room in New Modi Khana in Pune Camp. The number of the QR Code sheet is ‘LASHK 167’.

According to the Indian Express, it was observed that Matka and gambling activities had been going on heavily under the QR Code sheet ‘LASHK 167’. It was also seen that some of these people, who had gathered under this spot for Matka and other illegal activities were not wearing masks and social distancing guidelines had also been violated.

The spot comes under the jurisdiction of the Lashkar police station and even though police officials visited the spot to scan the QR Code sheet, no action was taken against the illegal activities openly happening around that spot.

On being contacted by the Indian Express, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Bachchan Singh said that action will be taken soon in this case.