Meet Rajubhau – The guardian angel of Pune

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By Vinam Pachkhede
In our fast pace of life, when we have even forgotten to take out time for our loved ones. There are some people who only live for others. And one such hero is – Rajesh Damodar Kachi.

Hailing from Old Tofkhana, Shivajinagar, Pune, and this man has been saving lives from past three decades. He has saved hundreds of people from drowning, accidents, committing suicides, etc. whole Pune knows him by the name. Raju – The Survivor.

Raju’s explicit voyage started when he was just 19 years old; one day he was roaming around with his friends on the banks of river Mutha near Dengle Bridge. They found a woman was asking for help. This was his first and successful attempt at saving a person. After that Raju became unstoppable. He has helped hundreds of dying people, reunited many families. He even provides financial help if needed. Those who are sick and homeless and need medical care Raju takes them to civil hospitals for a proper treatment.

Even Pune Police relies on Mr. Kachi. He has acquired around 250-3000 dead bodies till now. He has helped in solving numerous criminal cases. Often police officials call him at the odd time, but Raju never hesitates to provide a helping hand.

Raju runs a stall of Bhurji Pav at night for a living. His whole family is dependent on this business. His business and family is generally neglected because of his scarifying attitude. But Raju is blessed with a very supportive family.

“I am really proud of my husband and his deeds. This is why I happily take responsibilities of our house and business. At the time, he is out there helping people, kids and I looks after the business.” Raju’s wife told this in a documentary crated on him.

In the same documentary, his kids also expressed gratitude towards their dad,

“I am truly inspired by my father. He is the real hero. Many people take videos or pictures of my dad but none of them are courageous enough to act like my father. This is why we always stand in his support.”

Raju’s childhood was spent in extreme misery. They would often eat rotten/ half-ripen tomatoes to fill their tummies. Well, this misery has made Raju the kind of man he is today. It made him courageous, sensitive and a practical man.

We salute you, Raju – The Survivor!

Watch his documentary here.