Milind Soman backs ONTHERUN, a 100% natural health food start up from Pune

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Pune, May 4, 2017: ONTHERUN–The health food brand announced their association with India’s ultra endurance athlete and fitness evangelist, Milind Soman over a brunch soiree in Mumbai today. The affiliation will bring on the table a power packed combination of Milind’s nutrition insights and the brand’s core purpose of creating products that are 100% natural & healthy and taste great!


Shilpa Phadke, Founder & Director, Stayfit Enterprize Pvt Ltd “The health and the wellness food segment is estimated to be a INR 33,000 crore plus market growing at 8 – 10% over the last year. In terms of sales the market crossed 10,000 crore mark last year. The industry is nascent and scattered and we plan to capture approximate 10%market share in the healthy on the go food category in the next three years. Stayfits revenue target is approximately 2 crores this year and hit the 50 crore mark in the next five years.”

She further added, “From the investment point of view we are already in conversation with Angel investors and aim to raise 20 – 30 crores in the next three years. He not only comes on board as an investor but also as a brand ambassador.”

ONTHERUN energy bars are currently available in 6 variants –Fig & Date, Caffeine Rush, Prune & Raisin, Hazelnut Magic, Ginger Crunch, Oats & Apricot. All products are free of Sugar, preservatives and gluten. The fruity granola is available in Cinnamon Apple and Zesty Orange variants. A box of 6 energy bars is priced at Rs. 360 and the granola range is priced at Rs. 300. All the products are available in Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Delhi & Noida through retail & Pan India through online distribution channels and the brand website.

Milind Soman shared, “I am a staunch believer of simple, natural food; I have never taken any supplements or have ever succumbed to any fad diets. I do make changes to my eating regime depending on my activity and schedule; however, I always keep it simple and most importantly natural. I came across ONTHERUN energy bars when I was invited to inaugurate a marathon expo in Pune.ONTHERUN was conducting tastings of their product. I instantly liked the taste; yes healthy food can also taste good! and the fact that it contains no sugar or preservatives. I remained a customer throughout the journey of ONTHERUN from prototype to the commercial product. I am looking forward to take this association to the next level and be part of growth story of Stayfit Enterprize. I believe in its core ideology,  it is something I live by. There is a huge scope to bring our very own Indian super food into foray, by packaging it in a convenient form. I always get asked Sir Aap Kya KhateHo? Working with ONTHERUN, gives me an opportunity to communicate with my followers and demystify the complexity around health food. I look forward to this exciting journey!”

Shilpa Phadke, Founder & Director, Stayfit Enterprize Pvt Ltd shared, “When I started pursuing outdoor endurance activities, I noticed the absence of natural, healthy and yet convenient food products, that can be consumed on the move. A foodie at heart, I saw an opportunity to create something. I quit my flourishing corporate career of 21 years in Telecom, to back this idea. I am a firm believer of nutrition through natural food. Need for supplements as a routine is a misconception. A thoughtful combination of natural food is as effective. Fortified products cannot recreate what nature created in the first place.

After deliberation and research for more than a year, ONTHERUN was born. The energy bars and breakfast granola is relished and trusted by our consumers because they get what they read on the labels (Max 6 ingredients per product). We plan to extend the category with exciting new products in the coming months. Milind has a connect with people and is looked up by one and all for his amazing fitness at 50. ONTHERUN aims to connect & reach out to a wider spectrum of audience through him. We look forward to his contribution in defining our product line and sharing his nutrition mantra which can go into product making.”