MindSpark Organised Offline After Three Years In Pune

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Pune, 18th January 2023: After three years, the 16th edition of the technical festival – MindSpark – was conducted offline. It consisted of more than 37 events for both the tech and non-tech fields. The three days of extravaganza witnessed an overwhelming response from different parts of Maharashtra, making it a grand and triumphant event at the beginning of 2023.

MindSpark hosted several webinars to illuminate the youth with thoughts, experiences and words of wisdom from notable personalities. Numerous people found these seminars to be a source of incitement and encouragement. PAAKHI – the social initiative of MindSpark, under the guidance of Dr Aarti Petkar, Secretary Tanmayee Bharati, conducted an app development workshop for students of class seven of the MKSS Mahilashram High School, Karvenagar, Pune. During this workshop, they presented students with books through Pustakala, and Century Enka Pvt Ltd provided laptops to Mahilashram College. This campaign aimed at educating students with the method of hands-on learning and informing female students about the significance of science and technology and appropriately making full use of it.

On 13th January, MindSpark was officially launched with excitement and enthusiasm. The event’s chief guest was Dr Sanjay Kolte, IAS, CEO and Executive Director at Pune Smart City. He conveyed his ideas and inspired pupils to work hard to achieve their goals. COEP’s Director-Prof, Mukul Sutaone, provided pupils with wisdom through his remarks. Also, Shailesh Patil, Country Head of Centiro Solutions Pvt Ltd, provided insight into his journey and guided him on how one can achieve success. Dr P. R. Dhamangaonkar, dean of student affairs, and Dr Aarti S. Petkar, advising faculty for MindSpark’22, spoke to the students. All the events took place under the guidelines of Deputy Director of COEP, Manoj Rathod. The 16th edition’s theme was revealed after the ceremony’s conclusion: MindSpark’22 – Ananta Kalam: A Limitless Trajectory. Through this theme, the fest focused on honouring the name of the great scientist Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and his incredible legacy of technical liberation, going above limitations and boosting our country’s technological independence.

After the inauguration, MindSpark’22 got started with the programme of CENTIRO CODIFICIA on 13th January. It consisted of events like Code Junkie, Retracer and Flip. It was an event organized for all computer minds to show their coding skills and get solutions out of every given problem to them. Following it, there were other events like Assemblix, Bot Wrestling, Electrade and many more on the same day. And then, a grand Auto Expo took place on 14th January along with the event of Genius Junior, which was held for the school-going students to provide them with knowledge of the technical terms and explore the exhibition. The 3rd of the event, 15th January ended with a breathtaking bike show and an auto expo. For the first time in the festival’s history, to emphasise cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts, the technical exhibition was organized. This exhibition consisted of booths, where attendees were able to receive details and company brochures and other guidelines from the officials of the companies.

The organisers organised a complete event just for TechExpo 6.0. A 24-hour event of the ‘CRIF India Hackathon’, was organised for participants with an interest in coding, where the participants were provided with real-life problems and the participants had to provide solutions through coding, using their coding skills. The motto of this event was, ‘Code to Innovate’, which focused on solving real-life hurdles through means solutions provided through coding. A Cultural Night was organized for the people to witness not just the tech-related stuff but to also enjoy the performances of the cultural team of COEP, which gave flabbergasted performances, which the public enjoyed and applauded. A technical gathering was conducted, Tech Conclave, where three of the guests, Neeraj Goel, Srinivas Subramaniam and Radhakrishnan Kodakkal, with expertise in their respective fields, discussed and directed youth towards the path they choose.

MindSpark’22 concluded with a Valedictory Ceremony. The Chief Guest of the program was Chidanand Magdum, who is a working scientist in ISRO. The guest’s motivational speeches and expressions of gratitude brought the celebration to a close. From setting a trend in the line of Technical Fest to attracting such an enormous crowd towards the technical gimmicks, this technological event’s spectacular execution has successfully taken place.