Modi Government To Decide On PF And Holidays Of The Employees Today

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New Delhi, January 20, 2021: The labour ministry, representatives of the industry, and people associated with the labour union will once again sit face to face to discuss the new labour laws. The final round of talks will probably take place in the meeting between the stakeholders today.


A decision is also to be taken on raising the limit of PF and earned leave of the employees. The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh has demanded that the government should increase the eligibility criteria under the Employees ‘Provident Fund Scheme.


The union demanded that the eligibility should be raised from the monthly salary of Rs 15,000 to Rs 21,000 under the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme. Simultaneously, people associated with the union want the limit of earned leave to be increased from 240 to 300 days. The government has been asked to frame separate rules for building and other construction workers, bidi workers, journalists, audio-visual workers, and cinema-related workers.


Parliament passed new legislation related to labour reforms in September 2020. Now the central government is trying to implement them before April this year, i.e., in the current financial year. A meeting was held with stakeholders through video conferencing on behalf of the central government.


The meeting, however, has also been boycotted by many labour unions. Due to which a face-to-face meeting is being held on 20 January. According to the officer associated with the case, the laws will be discussed in the last round. Efforts will be made to resolve all the issues, and the rules will be notified shortly after that.

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