Mr. Pramod Chaudhari, Chairman of PRAJ, Ranked Among Bio-fuels Digest’s List of globally “Top 100 People in Advanced Bio-economy”

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Pune, India, 15 February 2017: Recognizing contribution of an Indian entrepreneur to the advancement of the global bio-fuels sector, Miami, USA based publication bio-fuels Digest, has ranked Mr. Pramod Chaudhari, Chairman of PRAJ, among the “Top 100 People in the Advanced Bio-economy” for the year 2017. Mr. Chaudhari’s ranking in the prestigious listing of top 100 people in advanced Bio-economy, has consistently moved up from 86 in 2015 to 53 in 2016, and to 35 in 2017. This reflects his growing stature as a thought leader and industry reformer in the global bio-fuels space.

Bio-fuels Digest is a world’s widely read publication in the global energy by the key stakeholders, including CEOs, influencers, thought leaders, analysts, researchers etc.  Analysis and content from this publication are often referred while formulating policies and strategies related to bio-fuels.

Mr. Chaudhari has earned more than two decades of strong experience in the bio-fuels sector.  He also serves as Chairman of National Committee on Bio-Energy (including bio-fuels and Renewable Energy) since 2007-08 till now, at Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). This ranking is a testimony to his leadership and groundbreaking work in the field of bio-fuels in India and abroad.

For year 2017 rankings, the top 100 candidates were chosen from over 1,000 eligible companies. The Selection Committee included equity analysts, investors, journalists, CEOs, and industry executives from over 20 countries.

This is also recognition of PRAJ’s contribution to the global bio-fuels industry and will inspire further development of bio-based solutions.

PRAJ is India’s most successful bio-fuels company, taking bio-based technologies from India to the world. Having established a global leadership in 1st Generation (1G) Ethanol technology, PRAJ is now working extensively on its 2nd Generation (2G) Cellulosic Ethanol technology.

PRAJ is the first company in India to develop its own integrated 2G process called “Enfinity” to produce ethanol from biomass or agricultural residue. “Enfinity” technology is capable of converting all types of agricultural residues like rice and wheat straw husks, corn cobs, dried twigs and leaves, bagasse, grasses and forest waste etc. into ethanol with optimum product yields.