Mrs. Kutty and her allergic reaction in Sony SAB’s Mangalam Dangalam

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5 JAN 2019 – Sony SAB’s popular series Mangalam Dangalam continues to entertain audiences from across India, with its sweet portrayal of the fight between a father and his prospective son-in-law. While Arjun (Karanvir Sharma) and Rumi (Manisha Rawat) continue in their efforts of trying to convince each other’s parents for marriage, there is a new twist in their love story.

As Laavanya enters Saklecha house, she suggests that Rumi should try her culinary skills and make Payasam to impress Mrs. Kutty. After enjoying a bowl full of payasam she develops a severe allergic reaction. Witnessing this, Arjun gets angry with Rumi; where on the other hand Rumi is still unaware of who added walnuts in Payasam. Soon, she finds Walnut shells in her father’s room and accuses him of playing a cheap trick – which he vehemently denies. Later, Sanjeev (Manoj Joshi) finds out that someone is trying to play games in the house; and is making Sanjeev fall prey to it. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kutty lists out potential names for Rumi to change after marriage, which infuriates Sanjeev.

Will Arjun find out about his mother’s plan? Will Rumi be able to save herself from name change ritual?

Manisha Rawat playing the role of Rumi said, “I am thoroughly enjoying playing the role of Rumi on Mangalam Dangalam and it is always so much fun on the sets. Everyday there are new twists and turns in Arjun and Rumi’s love story that adds on to the excitement. However, amidst all the drama, our viewers are promised of loads of fun and laughter.”

Anita Kulkarni playing the role of Mrs. Kutty said, “It is so much fun working on the sets of Mangalam Dangalam with such a talented cast. The upcoming track has got some new twists and turns for the viewers as Mrs. Kutty has got an allergic reaction, after eating payasam, and her face is all swollen up. Rumi is still clueless as to who put walnuts in the Payasam. With all this confusion, laughter is assured for the audiences.”

For more, keep watching Mangalam Dangalam: Kabhi Pyaar, Kabhi Vaar Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm only on Sony SAB